Just to think about – it seems like only yesterday- WOW -it is about a decade ago – a gift from my wife for my golden jubilee birthday – an exotic two week family trip to the dreamland Switzerland. Although I have shared my experience of this country in an earlier blog ‘The Alpine Dream’, … Continue reading SCINTILLATING SWISS


Belonging to a country which has its God’s own land created by Lord Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu according to Hindu mythology, it is no wonder that a sense of bondage is attached to a place across the seas – a place with innumerable temples, a place which has its umbilical cord relations … Continue reading ISLAND OF GODS

Sky(e) is not the limit!

Thought my scintillating experience in Scotland is over as yet??!!! We started before dawn break in a temperature of 3 degrees heading North to the Highlands-one of the UK’s most adventurous and scenic destinations- particularly the "Isle of Skye". The moist, chill breeze penetrated deep inside our bones. With the heater in the car switched … Continue reading Sky(e) is not the limit!