Belonging to a country which has its God’s own land created by Lord Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu according to Hindu mythology, it is no wonder that a sense of bondage is attached to a place across the seas – a place with innumerable temples, a place which has its umbilical cord relations … Continue reading ISLAND OF GODS

B(eautiful) C(ity): A(bu) D(habi)

A flashback!!! The year is 2007- our first visit to the granary of wealth in the world – Abu Dhabi- the Capital of the United Arab Emirates. In less than an hour’s drive from the periphery of Dubai cruising at over 120 miles speed on the black carpet dotted with white lines laced with the … Continue reading B(eautiful) C(ity): A(bu) D(habi)

Sky(e) is not the limit!

Thought my scintillating experience in Scotland is over as yet??!!! We started before dawn break in a temperature of 3 degrees heading North to the Highlands-one of the UK’s most adventurous and scenic destinations- particularly the "Isle of Skye". The moist, chill breeze penetrated deep inside our bones. With the heater in the car switched … Continue reading Sky(e) is not the limit!