DUBAI-the name has a magnetic effect … Be it the Terminal 3 of Emirates at the airport, the Metro stations glittering  golden domes ,the innumerable, immaculate, theme-based malls, the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis  crisscrossing the city, the 8 lane adroit roads so masterfully laid, the continuous stream of affluent International visitors, the greenery all around in the thickest of the desert….whew……. I am not going to write about this crowning jewel of the United Arab Emirates- DUBAI!

I am not writing about the extravagant, flamboyant lifestyles of DUBAI– either, which boasts the Best of anything and everything in the earth!

Combining cutting-edge technologies and cultural influences, Burj Khalifa serves as a global icon- I am not writing about this tallest building in the world that adorns the horizon of the great colorful city of DUBAI–I am not writing on the  enthralling experience of climbing in the supersonic speed lifts to the 124th and 125th floors without a jerk and the awesome view from the top .I am not writing anything on the dancing fountains of the Dubai Mall that is adjacent to Burj Khalifa that mesmerizes thousands of people every evening.

The towering “Frame” where  visitors can ascend the structure to its nearly 100 meter-long viewing bridge, which features a glass-floored walkways and full-height views out to the old city of Deira to the north and the skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road toward the south-a border between the old and new city is an engineering marvel. I am not writing about it either!!

I am certainly not going to write anything about the reclaimed lands-the iconic Palm Jumeirah island the largest man-made islands in the world, the Palm Jumeirah, well-known for its palm-tree shaped design. … Sand dredged out from the floor of the Persian Gulf, was sprayed on the sea to create the islands., or the towering Hotel Atlantis, boasting the biggest aquarium overseeing the Arabian Gulf, or about the magnificent iconic hotel Burj-Al-Arab which lies idly on the shores.


Will at all I’ll write about the Roller Coaster on the desert land in a SUV…the desert safari or the belly dancers in the village and the grub there? Nay………


I am not writing anything about the wonderful ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who has architected the Dubai what it is today.

Bored to the core??I have stretched my imagination bit too far, I know. But I really could not help it. I am not to be blamed for it. If there is one to take the blame, it is none other than William Shakespeare!!???

Each time I read his master work Julius Caesar, my brake-shoe works overtime and does not move when I go through the narrative significance of Mark Anthony’s speech, where he persuades the citizens that Brutus was wrong and Caesar did not deserve to die.  By saying that Brutus is an “honorable man,” then giving examples of Caesar’s altruistic qualities, he uses verbal irony. The oration style is clearly persuasive – or to say, rhetoric to the core. I wanted to emulate that style of negating things, but still be glorifying the subject matter. A cat’s a cat and that’s that!! Cannot become a tiger just branding its skin with hot charcoal. Stripes does not make a tiger out of a cat!!!

The one overseas destination I have travelled and explored the most over the years is the United Arab Emirates-be it Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah or Dubai. My base is always the wonderland DUBAI.

Not a single time has it failed to surprise me with some new project projecting out of nowhere within a short span of time-the Metro rail, the ice rink and the skiing field in the biggest mall in the world-the Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa, the miracle garden, the butterfly garden, the “Frame” ,Palm Jumeirah have come up one by one without any tantrums to public over the decade. The global village gets marvelous by the years and the footfalls multiply twice as the previous year. Yet another marvel I found on my last visit was the canal dug up from the creek to the sea-winding up through the business bay-a man made “Thames” in the Gulf. What marvel in a water canal will be your question-right? Remember., you are in Dubai-it has to be different. There is a mechanical motion-operated waterfall visible from the promenade. The powerful sensors cut off the water when there is a boat in the vicinity. The biggest airport is underway. I am sure in my next visit few more man-made wonders will crop up in the golden land. It is in this land our bosom pals ‘SSS’-the Shiv’s who have redefined Hospitality dwell.

IMG_4013 (1)

Now that I have decided to yap about Dubai,  it would not be complete if I do not mention the footpaths which are dotted with rainbow flowering plants-the astonishing factor(s) is/are it is watered through pipelines that run to tens of miles across the city and the plants are folded like a mat and sent to the green houses when weather turns harsh. Another wonder is the Roads-it was in my first visit over a decade and odd back I happened to witness the laying of a road from the place where I was staying.  It was nothing short of a miracle over 50 people started the work early in the morning-worked in clock-like precision and by afternoon there was a gleaming road-that is not the end of it.  I saw a van stopping at various points in the newly laid road for less than a couple of minutes and the place where the van stood one other hand drawn machine would follow  .I was so inquisitive to know what it was all about and climbed down to have a perfect picture.  What I saw was amazing-the van had instruments to drill out the bitumen and soil to check as to whether the road is laid as per UAE standards.  I learnt from one of the engineers working at the site that if there is deficiency in service even at a single point, the contract will be cancelled and the contractor and the site in charge will be jailed straight away.  We cannot even dream of such a thing in our place (instead we will have nightmares !!) The food is exotic- whatever you name, you’ll get-that too with high quality ingredients.

I wanted to make this blog a complete “Gulf-one”…but the more I think of coming out of Dubai and moving to the next emirate, the more I get absorbed in it further. With great efforts, I have switched the pause button of my Dubai nostalgia…

Till I lace up for the next…


10 thoughts on “DUBAI

  1. Ram
    This piece article again goes to show how powerful your writing skills are. It’s just not easy to write about a city like Dubai which is well known. It requires a creative mind coupled with an amazing ability of storytelling to produce lovely pages of your travel diary!!!
    Keep rocking…



  2. Hi sir, I’m here once again to be caught up and be tossed and twirled around by the roller coaster ride of your blog…😉 As usual your description is as amazing as the places you’ve visited..Here you’ve become part and parcel of the Exquisite place called Dubai 🐪🌵 and you’ve made it so picturesque that it seems so rare to find the same experience anywhere else…An Oasis…or rather… A Mirage !!! 😋 Anyway sir…I raise my toast to you… Keep adding the Precious Gems to your Crown 👑
    All the best to you and waiting in anticipation to be tossed into the air with the same exhilaration…for your next…😜😛🤝👍


  3. Appa, as you’ve rightly said, it is difficult to speak about Dubai while doing justice to the amazing architectural marvels and the facile pace of day to day life. Great job in another descriptive and joyful account of a truly worldclass destination.


  4. .. I’m not going to write about the beautiful narrative of a vibrant city which does not rest on it’s past architectural laurels, but keeps reinventing itself….captivatingly,
    ….am i going to write about how the graphic description takes us on a virtual tour, how we enjoy every bit of it…nay……
    ….just a BIG THANKS for sharing!


  5. Ram. it’s pleasure to read all your tour articles always. This one is no different. I am storing this article as my reference for my wife’s trip to Dubai next year. Please keep updating more. All the best.


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