Our first destination was a 3-hour early morning flight in Air Canada from the pretty airport of Michigan to one of the most beautiful cities in the world-Vancouver, British Columbia. We were greeted with a pleasant weather and we could not contain our excitement to have stepped on to a place whose name itself had a mesmerizing effect in our minds. After freshening up in our rooms, we got dropped in the periphery of the University campus. Our first destination was the Museum of Anthropology, a home for the exhibits of the huge totem of poles with intricate carvings, sculptures and historical cultural artefacts from across the world. Something very unique to the tribes of the first settlements of the Northwest Pacific are the iconic poles which signifies a sacred symbol guided by the spirit-being. Each group of the aborigines had these towering poles erected in their colony to indicate their family, clan, lineage or tribe.  Different patterns of these mammoth structures were seen at many parts of the sprawling complex. Sculptures of Indian origin were also in abundance. The point here to be noted is that it is not just the enormity or the magnitude of the exhibits, it is the way it is exhibited. It automatically pulls in the visitor to explore the traditional and contemporary art from the Northwest Pacific coast nations and other cultures across the world. The magnificent carvings, weavings and contemporary artworks inside, takes us to a different plane. The ceramics gallery is a place worth mentioning-a wide range of the collections of European and American ceramics is a treat to the eyes. It took us a solid three hours to wade through the histories embedded in the place.

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Stepping out of the museum, we were in the University campus- it looked like a township- bustling with full of activities. We came across energetic youngsters-the future generation, engaging themselves in their dreams of the future world of their own. It was a mixed feeling for me seeing them…I could sense the split personality in me!!! One hand, I was relieved that I had passed the phase of academic enhancement as I never was of that material. The angel face showed up…. telling me I lost the opportunity of the student-hood- I missed the bus! Oh… The bus…yeah…. Actually, from the University campus, we took an electric bus to get into the town. Well defined layouts all through lead us to the midtown. Our guide was my son-in-law Sathish – he spent his childhood in Vancouver, and knew the place as good as the back of his palm. Our stomachs were eagerly waiting for some filling- we were introduced by him to a local delicacy-Poutine. It is French fries magnanimously dipped in cheese and cream and topped with a thick brown gravy of vegetable stock and wheat flour. Though it quenched the hunger, my tongue got so much used to the unique taste, that I could not stop with one serving. Falafel-a Mediterranean food, something similar to Vadapav, was another find. With a “tummy kush” feel, washed down with a coffee at my in-law’s friend’s place. With all the stuffing inside, my eyes were drooping- I could hear my daughter and wife telling something about   today, God, butcher … and then there was a distant rumbling and a thump. Oh…the ‘Judgement day’…I could sense some tapping on my hand-I remember brushing it away. Suddenly there was a hollow silence and I had a jerk… Startled, I literally jumped- I could really sense it even now! I could see a dozen eyeballs focusing on me…Goodness… It was a slumber-not a power-but a ‘powerful’ nap, I was told later, completed with heavy snoring. With a sheepish grin, I got up from the kingly couch, freshened up and I was ready. After some sightseeing and window shopping, we returned to our rooms. Later on, I deciphered the conversations of my wife and daughter and the other {mis)happenings in my dream-it was Butchart gardens, my faint snoring and the way I swayed in the sleep and thumping on the head rest!!

After a day in Vancouver, we left for a week’s tour to the Canadian Rockies. On our return to Vancouver, we had planned for the trip to the islands.  That day came sooner. It takes around two hours for the cruise ship to reach Butchart gardens near Victoria.

Butchart gardens is a National Historic site of Canada which houses a group of floral display gardens spread across some 50 acres. Artistically laid out are the various countless daffodils, orchids, tulips from across the world. The Italian and Japanese gardens are worth mentioning for the array of displays and the endless buffet of fragrance that lingers in the air and so also the various fountains- the rose gardens pregnant with hundreds of species.

The layout crisscrossing the boulders, the up and down topography, the intermittent slight drizzles, the artistic umbrellas provided at the entrance-all about this place is ‘precision in precision’. It was time for us to get back to the mainland and then to the homeland….

Till I lace up for the next……


4 thoughts on “In the “PACIFIC RIM”

  1. Ram – Now I need to track down your next vacation and join there 🙂

    Though haven’t been to Vancouver, your narrative unfolded it like a movie.

    Keep sharing!!!


  2. Uma Shankar

    Thanks Ram. We get to see the world through your eyes👏👏


    Well done
    Falafel was my favourite in Amsterdam & Vienna. That was the only veg food available those times.


    Lovely reading. Have an adventurous and eventful year..when i come to chennai should pik up some travel tips. We r wanting to do that🤪

    P v Srinivas

    Supero Super Ram. Your travel blogs, as usual is very livid with details and one has a feeling, that he himself has enjoyed those places just by reading the blog. You have a natural way of describing things/events/places. The latest one of your sightseeing in Vancouver is one another cap on your person; keep it up buddy. Though a frequent traveler to US & Canada I have not enjoyed the places as much as you have; now on I will make it a point to atleast note down details of places, though not a blog.
    Super Ram💐

    Ram you took me on a ramming expedition into Vancouver. I really appreciate your observation skills, retention and translation into words. I’m yearning to accompany you on one such trip. God willing, let’s see.


    👍😄very nicely written as usual. Keep it up Ram.

    Rajesh HUL

    Extremely good Blog…
    felt like I was also part of this vacation…..

    Ramya Ganesh

    Liked the way you narrated the Vancouver trip!!!Ramya Ganesh…USA


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